Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019 10 Honolulu Orchid Show coming up! - Oct 11 ~ 13

2019 Honolulu Orchid Show, the last orchid show on Oahu for this year, is coming up!  It's the special celebration, the 80th show for HOS!  Come and join the celebration and enjoy beautiful orchids on display.  Also the vendors will be ready and plenty of plants are available for you to purchase. 

Save a day to visit the show, hope to see you there! (Please see the details on the poster & ticket.)

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2019 09 Monthly Members' Meeting - Topic on Neofinetia Falcata

Our September 2019 meeting topic was on Neofinetia Falcata, or Fukiran (富貴蘭) as Japanese would call it.  Mr. Leland Nakai was the speaker, and we got to see how he creates the mount of long sphagnum moss. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

2019 09 03 Coming up! - Honolulu Orchid Show - Oct 11~13, 2019

The next orchid show in Oahu is by Honolulu Orchid Society, in October.  See the details on the ticket below.  We hope everybody can come & enjoy!

2019 07 July Members' Meeting - Topic on Greenhouse Building with EZ Corner

These are the materials from the July 2019 lecture at the meeting, on building greenhouse using EZ Corner, by Mel W, Calvin A, and the rep from EZ Corner.  Unless you are the lucky one to have a big tree in your back yard under which you can grow the orchids like in nature, it'd be nice to have a green house so the plants don't burn in the sun.  There are different ways to make it, and here is just one of the ideas.

2019 08 26 August Members' Meeting - Topic on Tillandsia Culture

We had very interesting lecture by Mr. Ralph Nakama on Tillandsia.  Tillandsia by themselves are enjoyable but they also complements to orchids.  Lots of ideas!  Remember to use the right glue to mount them, as Ralph said.