Friday, May 31, 2013

TGIF Ad - May 31, 2013

Look for this ad on TGIF in Honolulu Star Advertiser, May 31, 2013!

Andy's Molokai Sweetbread - on Sale at AOC show!

Each year, Andy and his family gives the club generous donations of Molokai Sweetbread and cookies from their bakery to sell at the show.  The sale of the bread and cookies generates substantial amount, which subsequently we can donate to Aiea Elementary School. This year, they are doing it again for us!  Look for the bread stand at the show, and grab some before we run out!!
(The picture is and example of half-eaten (sorry, my fault) bag of dinner rolls and the big one we froze to save for later date to enjoy)
Much Thank You to Andy and Family!

2013 AOC Show Event Ad on PULSE in Honolulu Star Advertiser

See our ad on the link below:

Counting down... 7 days till the show!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 AOC Show Program & Midweek Ad

Here's the poster and Midweek ad for this year's show.  Great job, PR Committee!  Thank you Mary B for the beautiful design and layout, and Scott for dealing with publishers and making and hanging up the signs. Added thanks to Gary for contacting Kiku Channel, and Hawaii Hochi will be featuring us, too.
There are many many more hard works to thank you for working toward the successful show.  You all are AWESOME!

LOOK FOR THIS AD - this is on Midweek, May 29th edition.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 2013 Monthly Meeting - Silent Auction!

Thank you for the committee and helpers!  Another great fun!

Too busy helping the auction (and putting bids) that we forgot to take pictures.
But here's some purchases....

Some flowers in the house....

Kitchen supply inventory count at Unno-san's on Sunday.  Mangos from his yard tree.

Came home from the meeting was greeted by a grouchy bird...

Mel lectures about tweezers to pull weeds from pots but this tweezers were hard to find.... or I couldn't find anywhere I looked.  So consulting Mel, he spared one of his brand new spare.  Psyched!  


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Silent Auction - tomorrow May 27th, 2013 - Thank you!

(Thank you, Dana, for posting this note!)

Thank you in advance to the following nurseries for their donations: Orchid Center (Lea and Leana Takafuji), Kodama Orchid Nursery (Ben Kodama Sr. and Ben Kodama Jr.), Kogachi Orchids (Glenn Kogachi), H&R Nursery (Harry Akagi and Roy Tokunaga), Orchids of Waianae (Masa Chen), and Hawaii Pacific Orchids (Ken Ibara)!

Aiea Orchid Club Show Lecture Schedules

The lecture schecules during this year's show are as below.  Please come and join us for very informative lectures on growing orchids. 

Also, tomorrow (May 27th, 2013) is our May monthly meeting.  This month's meeting is the annyal SILENT AUCTION!  Please bring donations (plants, etc.), name stickers, cash and/or check book!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 2013 Newsletter

May meeting will be our annual Silent Auction!  Please bring your donation (plants, sweets, tsukemono, etc.) early (like 7 p.m.) so that they'll be priced on the table.  Bring the extra address stickers that you don't use (you know, the ones charities send you) for bidding.  And, don't forget to bring cash and/or check book!

AOC show is fast approaching, too.  It will be June 7-9.  Members, please volunteer as much as you can.  We still need some "Master Huli Huli Chicken Helper".  It will be so much fun!