Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 06 16 Reflecting on this year's AOC show - let's reuse pots!

For this year's show, we were lucky to have 2 nearby residents who asked us to go to their house to pick up a whole bunch of clay and cement plant pots to sell at our Country Store for fundraiser.  Another generous lady dropped off a huge box full of unused plastic pots during the show for donation.  We also dumpster dived at another household (with permission) to save nearly a hundred of usable clay pots.

Some sensible families have contacted us in the past to clear their yard full of plants and pots.  And we are grateful that they did, so that usable resources didn't go to waste.  Being at the show this year, we just wondered how much more good usable pots and beautiful plants are being trashed into the dump?

Usually this happens when someone downsize the yard, or unfortunately pass away and loved ones left behind are unable to continue to care for the garden.  We understand it is not easy.  But before putting everything in the dumpster and get the cleaning up over with, please stop and think that those could be very gratefully recycled and reused by some other plant lovers.
Please let us know if you or someone you know is in this situation.  We'll do our best to pick them up and place them to someone who appreciate them.  We share the love for plants, and would like to keep the love to pass on.  Let's not waste the good stuff.

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