Friday, June 14, 2013

Andy's Molokai Sweetbread & Aunty Leilani's Cookies

Each year, Andy and his family gives the club generous donations of Molokai Sweetbread and Aunty Leilani's Cookies from their bakery to sell at the show.  The sale of the bread and cookies generates substantial amount, which subsequently we can donate to Aiea Elementary School. This year, they did it again!  We set up a bread stand by the exit, and it was a big hit - we ran out way before the closing time.
(The picture is an example of half-eaten (sorry, my fault) bag of dinner rolls and the big one we froze to save for later date to enjoy.)  Much Mahalo to Andy and family!

Here's a photo of (again, half eaten... sorry!) Aunty Leilani's (and Andy's) cookies that we sold at the show.
Intersting statistics from the show - the cookies were sold out by the order below:
1. Chocolate Macademia Coconut Pecan
2. Oarmeal Raisin
3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
4. Peanut Butter

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