Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 29, 2011 Monthly Meeting

George, the treasurer

Calvin, busy busy

Mahalo, Mel

Lecture by da loco boy, Randy Tajima
"Orchid Tips, Techniques, & Other BS"

Trivia question: If you put sugar and peanut butter in front of an ant, and if it goes to sugar, it's a "sugar ant".  What is it if it goes to peanut butter? (answer after next picture)

Randy, thank you for very interesting talk.

The answer to the trivia: It's "protein ant".
(If you answered "peanut butter ant", you are as bad as me.)

Intrim break time - thank you for all who brought yummies.  Also, great job, refreshment committee!!
These are definitely one of the things we look forward to at the meeting.  :)

During break time - talking, eating, socializing...

Another meeting of great fun. 

No meeting for December and January.  See you at the installation banquet!

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